Sushi Rolls

Califonia Roll(Main: 10pcs, Entree: 5pcs)

Crab meat, avocado, carrot,  cucumber, mayonnaise

Prawn Roll (Main: 10pcs, Entree: 5pcs)

Finely chopped prawn, cucumber, carrot, avocado and mayonnaise

Salmon Roll

   Raw Salmon, carrot, Cucumber, avocado

Cooked Tuna Roll

Cooked tuna, cucumber, carrot and  mayonnaise

Teriyaki chicken Roll

   Teriyaki chicken, cucumber, carrot

Vegetarian Roll

Shitake mushroom, avocado, carrot, cucumber

(Inside out) Tobico Roll

(Inside)   Avocado, cucumber, Crab meat  (Outside) Flying fish roe

(Inside out) Salmon tuna Roll

(Inside) Prawn, cucumber (Outside) Avocado, Raw tuna & Salmon  


small roll with one filling

Inary sushi

Sushi rice wrapped in tasty  sweet fried bean skin curd

Hand Rolls(if over 2 pcs from $4.00/EA), If every item 1pcs from $5.5/EA

  • Cooked tuna with (Avocado or cucumber)
  • Salmon with Avocado
  • Teriyaki chicken
  • (Spicy) crispy chicken
  • Crumbed fried prawn
  • Mushroom with avocado
  • Crab meat Avocado
  • (Spicy) prawn with avocado
  • Raw tuna with avocado

Sushi & Sashimi

Nigiri Sushi(M:10pcs)

Raw fish slices on top of sushi rice. (Entree:5pcs)


Salmon, tuna, white fish ★10% discount from 1st/June to 31th/August

Sushi &Sashimi Combo

   Nigiri sushi(6p) & Sashimi(10p)  

Sushi Combo

Nigiri sushi(5p), Inari(1p) & California Roll(5p)


   A bowl of sushi rice topped with sliced raw fish, shitake mushroom, omelette

Seperate Sushi(2pcs)

Tuna, Ebi(Prawn), Salmon, Unagi(Eel), Tamago(Egg), White fish, Tobico(Flying fish Roe)


  • Sushi & sashimi platter (Small: $67, Medium: $83, Large: $102)
  • Sushi Roll platter (Order making from $40)
  • Sashimi platter(Order making from $100) 

* Small (fit for 2-3 people), Large (fit for 4-5 people)

* Give me 2 hours for preparing 

  • Sushi and sashimi Platter (Medium size)