Tatsuta age(Main)

Marinated and deep fried chicken. (Entree($10.00)

Tonkatsu (with rice)

Deep fried pork with crisp batter and salad

Teriyaki with salad or vegetable

(Chicken $17, Fillet steak $19, White fish $22, Salmon $28)
$17 ~


In garlic butter sauce with vegetable (Chicken $17, Seafood $24)
$17 ~

Tofu steak

 Grilled bean curd with teriyaki sauce and vegetable

Yasai itame

Stir fried vegetable

Wafu steak

Eye fillet steak and vegetable in wafu sauce


Sliced beef scotch fillet in ginger sauce with vegetable

Shogayaki pork

With ginger sauce and with vegetable (or salad)