Oyako Don

chicken with egg cooked in homemade sauce on rice

Tofu Don

Tofu, vegetable and egg on rice

Tori Don

Teriyaki chicken and vegetables on rice


Sliced beef and onion cooked in taste sauce on rice

Una Don

Grilled eel and vegetables with teriyaki sauce on rice

Katsu Don (Pork/Chicken/Prawn)

Crumbed and deep fried one cooked with egg in homemade sauce on rice

Curry (Chicken/Beef$15/Tofu)

Japanese curry and vegetable on rice (Tofu curry : $ 13.00)

Katsu curry

Deep fried chicken or pork with curry sauce on rice

Salmon Don

Pan fried salmon on rice and vegetable or salad


Beef, fried egg and vegetable on rice

Yaki Gohan

Stir fried rice with vegetable and beef

Yaki Gohan with prawn

Japanese style fried rice with prawn

Steamed rice(Small)

Rice(Large : $ 6.00)